What is Caffeine Anhydrous?

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine has been a part of human history for thousands of years. Whether its coffee or tea, around the world, every culture has their own unique story and source of caffeine. In the modern world, it’s still one of the most utilized chemical compounds. It is a powerful stimulant that can seemingly do almost anything, from improving physical performance to sensitizing the nervous system.

Caffeine occurs naturally in plants. It’s one of mother-nature’s chemical defense systems; allowing plants to grow, while defending themselves from insects that might eat them. For human use, caffeine is synthesized by the boiling of plant parts, like coffee beans, cocoa beans, and guarana plant seedlings. Once you remove those plant parts, and allow the water to evaporate, you are left with Caffeine Anhydrous. One of the strongest, cheapest and most potent forms of caffeine on the planet.

While in powder form, caffeine anhydrous takes up minimal space considering its general potency. This allows it to be easily combined with other ingredients used in common weight loss and workout enhancement supplements. Look at any pre-workout product or fat burner pill, and caffeine anhydrous will probably be one of the first ingredients on the list. Some supplement manufacturers claim that the powder form is absorbed into the blood stream faster than it would be in a liquid form, but there is no evidence to support this claim. Most research indicates that there is no real difference between the powder and liquid form of the caffeine.

What makes caffeine anhydrous important, is the fact that you can utilize it for supplementation or an instant pick me up because of its powdered form. You could be getting the same effects from 1/10th of a teaspoon of caffeine anhydrous as you would in one whole cup of coffee. In terms of supplementation, it’s a no brainer!